Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sliding doors

A query from a Shedworking reader. Can anyone suggest something?
"I am looking to build a shed as a combined storage/workshop area and am trying to source some plans (fairly easy as long as you like American sheds) and the associated materials – most are fairly easy except for one item I would like to incorporate which is a set of sliding doors – for an example of what I mean look at betterbarns.com. I am having no luck sourcing anything like this in the UK. Do you have any clues?"


  1. Hey, it's a global economy. If you don't get any clues for UK suppliers, I'd be very surprised if Better Barns wouldn't ship to you from here across the pond.

    Cheers....Bill Kratz

  2. Better Barns writes: "For our customers from afar who can't come in to see us; we do ship Monday through Friday and we are here to answer your e-mail questions and calls."


  3. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I have ordered specialised woodworking equipment from the US before (woodworkers will enjoy www.bealltool.com). Things to check out are the shipping and import tax. These will add to the overall cost but sometimes for a specialised item you just have to pay it!
    The other alternative might be to have a chat with a local metalworker/blacksmith and get some made locally.(I assume that you are talking about the barn door rollers here)

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I have done a bit of research with a friend who 'does' gates. Have a look at www.comunelloforyou.co.uk – they are well represented in the UK, manufactured in Italy, and good quality. They are not of the same style as the better barns sliders but will form a good system.

  5. Hi
    I'm the reader who posed the question.

    Thanks for the comments.

    I have been in touch with Better Barns prior to asking my Q. and they wont even send their plans to the UK let alone the metalwork. Not sure why but the laddy i mailed was very appologetic and supplied the plans in a cut down PDF version for free by way of appology.

    I will check out the links - thanks for those.

    I will probably have to find someone local but was hoping that there was already some one in the UK that did something similar - and therefore avoiding the cost and headaches associated with bespoke items of hardware.

    Again thanks for the comments.


  6. You need to be careful that your sliding doors can't just be lifted off otherwise you will have an easily burgled workshop.
    Here's some links that a popular web search engine provided.


  7. Hmmm....

    I hadnt thought of that fleacircusdirector. I shall bear that in mind.

    My shed is currently undergoing some heavy revision due to comments like this and from some DIY forums i am looking on - all good ideas.

    Thanks for the link as well - i have never heard of the search engine - but its on my favourites all ready.

    Well thanks for the supports and i hope all you shed-workers are enjoying your working from 'home' given the lovely warm summer we are having.