Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden office businesses

While Shedworking is as much about homeworking as about garden offices (ok, nearly as much), we sometimes have a tendency to get carried away with the architectural side of shedworking as opposed to the actual business side of it. Enterprise Nation, which does a cracking job of supporting home businesses around the UK and generally promoting the home business cause, has a couple of very interesting interviews with very successful companies operating from their back garden shed.

Firstly, there's Mantra Magazines, run from a garden office (pictured above) by Nikki Relffe-Arnold, her cousin Matthew and her niece Nadine (though they are doing so well they are thinking of moving out to a 'traditional' office - don't do it!). Read more about Mantra here. Secondly, there's Each Property Med (pictured above) owned by Sarah Child which sells homes in Italy from her garden office. Here's how she describes her shedworking atmosphere:
"Building our office was one of our best decisions ever. The build was smooth and Paul, the carpenter, fell in love with Saffron Walden and our garden in the process. Timber framed, double glazed wooden windows, oak floors and oceans of lambs wool insulating us..it really is the business! The space is fantastic to work in . Light, bright, warm, a view from every window…sometime I wonder if we are watching the wildlife, or if they are watching us and dreaming of a second home in warmer climes. We have space for visiting developers and sub-agents to work on their flying visits- but for the most part we are lucky enough to have this office all to ourselves."
Find out more about Each Property Med here.

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