Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shed bedrooms

A great piece in the New York Times by William Shaw looks at how Sjoerd Didden and Ghislaine van de Kamp decided to build on their Rotterdam roof to make the most of their space. Shaw explains that they:
"...raised their two boys in an open-plan loft on the third floor of Didden’s wig workshop, a former garment factory in central Rotterdam. In true bohemian fashion, a transplanted garden shed served as the kids’ bedroom. “But it was a very nice shed,” van de Kamp says with a laugh."
When the boys became larger they brought in architect Winy Maas who is keen on using urban space creatively and sensibly and this is what he came up with as Shaw continues:
"The “village” consists of three bedrooms built on the roof: a big room for the parents and two smaller, semi-detached ones for the two boys, each a distinct houselike shape and separated symbolically by what Maas describes as “a main street.” The whole represents both the connections between the family members and their need to go their own ways."

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  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Lovely! I live fairly close to this one! Impressive color. I only wonder how it does influence your mood over time.