Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Could you live in your garden office?

Apparently that's what increasing numbers of cash-strapped young couples are now doing in the UK according to the Metro newspaper who claim that "glorified sheds are new affordable homes". Here's what they say:
"It used to be just fairies that lived at the bottom of the garden but it seems the credit crunch has put paid even to that. Young couples unable to afford their own place are setting up home in glorified sheds in their parents' back gardens instead."
Bill Allen from Custom Timber Build (whose models are pictured above) is quoted as saying that sales in the chalets are booming among twentysomethings and that he anticipates a return to 1950s-style living when several generations of a family lived on a single plot of land.


  1. Those are great! ;-)

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    To quote the article... 'The two-bedroom cabins – called 'kids digs' – cost less than £40,000, do not need planning permission and can be built in three weeks.'

    I thought anything with a 'bedroom' or a 'bathroom' needed planning permission, or is it okay if it less than 30m2?

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    You're right to be wary about the planning angle - the article is a bit fly with the details. As always - and particularly with anything large and residential - always best to check with local planners first.

  4. anything with a WC needs planning permission, also take heed of the size of the building.