Monday, July 14, 2008

Matt Harvey - shedworker

Shedworking was delighted to discover that Matt Harvey, whose fantastic poem we featured over the weekend, not only talks the talk but walks the walk (and rather kindly wrote to say that a previous visit to Shedworking was what inspired his poem Where Earwigs Dare). Here's what Matt says:
"It took me back to my first working shed, a 16' by 10' treasure that my friend Gareth and I dismantled and reassembled on our steeply sloping garden. Gareth put pillars in the ground and made a platform for it to stand on. My Dad finished the roof and I brought electricity down from our flat some 50 yards away, through endless conduit. It was a bit Heath Robinson but it worked. And I bought a second hand multi-fuel stove that worked so well I frequently sat shirtless, dripping with sweat, in my own one-man literary sweatshop - on an hourly rate significantly higher than folk in real sweatshops, but still significantly lower than the minimum wage."
More on Matt here where you can also buy his books.


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