Saturday, July 19, 2008

Build a den in Eden

The marvellous Eden Project is running its marvellous den building programme again this year (pictured above is an example from last year's) starting today when the project's Den Challenge Team and local scout and guide groups will build the biggest den possible in just two hours using old sails, tyre inner tubes, bamboo, sheets, poles, rope, rugs, clothes horses and scraps of fabric and washing lines . Look out for a timelapse of the whole thing on the site soon. The den building runs until September 4 and is a major part of Eden's Mud Between Your Toes programme which aims to get children playing outside. Eden launched the Den Challenge last year, encouraging families to team up and build their fantasy shelters and more than 35,000 took part.
Thanks to Emma 'Timelapse' Townshend for the alert

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