Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shedman enters the blogosphere with Shedworld

A very warm welcome indeed to John Davies aka Shedman, poet, sheddie and general all round good person (pictured above) who has just launched his own blog Shedworld. There's already a couple of interesting posts up there including details of the Ledbury Poetry Festival where John will be performing during National Shed Week, and an account of his recent visit to Walden to visit the sacred shedworking site of Henry Thoreau's cabin.

John is also asking readers the question, what do you do in your shed?
"Puppet theatre, model railways, stone carving, castrating pigs, smoking, bird watching, sleeping, keeping llamas... What do you do in your shed? Send Shedman an email describing what you do in your shed and attach a high quality picture - and a video link if you have one. Shedman is looking for excellent writing and pictures. He can't promise to publish everything here, but will aim to include all submissions in an online shed that anyone can go and have a rummage about in."
Email him your stories and photos at

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