Monday, July 07, 2008

National Shed Week: new homeworking magazine launched

Perfect publishing timing as the first issue of HomeWorker magazine - the brainchild of journalist and homeworker David Howell - is out now as National Shed Week hits its stride. And a darn good read it is too. You can download the first issue here (it's a 64-pager pdf) and it's full of great homeworking features including a large piece on garden offices and a regular column by me about shedworking plus lots of news, reviews and a large dollop of Emma Jones' cracking new book Spare Room Start Up. David says HomeWorker is for home-based entrepreneurs, downshifters and lifestyle businesses.
"HomeWorker magazine is designed to help everyone that works from home make the most of their time, environment and skills. HomeWorker magazine grew out of a realisation that there was no journal that specifically supported the millions of people that now work from home. Occasional features appear in newspapers and specialist magazines, but this information is often missed or overlooked by the very people that could make the most of it. What was once an ‘alternative’ lifestyle with all the connotations that this label brought with it, is now transforming into a lifestyle choice that millions of people are now making."
Well worth a browse.


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