Monday, July 07, 2008

National Shed Week: virtual shed

John from has been getting in the swing of things for National Shed Week by designing a virtual shedlike atmosphere especially for the occasion. Simply click here and follow the instructions. Here's what he says:
"To celebrate the arrival of this year's shed week, Secrets of Shed Building are giving away FREE SHEDS (well....virtual ones), for this week only, to any visitor who wants one! If you haven't come across 3dimensional pdf files before this is something new to discover. I have created a 3 dimensional model of a Gabled shed [pictured above]. When you open the document there is a toolbar above the image, use this to select the function - rotate, spin, pan or zoom hold down the mouse and move it over the shed. It may take a bit of experimentation to get a good view of the area you want."
He's also offering a free subscription to his new monthly e-zine,'Shed Building Monthly', which comes with top tips and answers to readers' questions every month starting in September.


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