Friday, July 25, 2008

A guide for the mobile shedworker

Jeff Zbar has had a great time on the road this summer as part of his Home Office Highway trip (although maybe we should ask the other Zbars exactly how well it went...) and proved that mobile shedworking is within everybody's reach. It's well worth looking through all his postings about the trip on Home Office Highway but of particular interest is a post he has also put up at his main Chief Home Officer site explaining exactly which tools he used to work efficiently while on four wheels. Above is a photo of his mobile home office and the key is:
1. Office Depot Foray Mobile Workmate
2. Targus Flare backpack
3. HP Compaq 2710p Ultra-Light Tablet Notebook PC
4. Verizon Voyager wireless phone
5. The HP OfficeJet 470 portable printer
6. Office Depot storage bins
Not pictured are his Verizon Wireless’s BroadbandAccess USB wireless Internet service and a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10 8.1 megapixel digital camera

As Jeff says:
"Each item on this list is off-the-shelf. Nothing fancy. No steep learning curve. No fancy bells and whistles to get in the way of reaching near peak productivity from jumpstreet. With so much to learn about business and living from aboard an RV, the last thing we needed was to learn a bunch of new technology."
If Shedworking had an internet moment of the week slot, this post of Jeff's would be it. Well worth a browse for all the extra details.

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