Monday, July 14, 2008

Shedworking in the rain

There's nothing cosier than shedworking in the rain. But what happens when there's no storm up in the sky? Worry no more because those fine people at the Cloud Appreciation Society have a CD of rain and also realise its potential for shedworkers (listen to a sample here). Here's what they say:
"The sound of it is in fact quite beautiful. Is not each drop a tiny bead of life? The drop’s water is distilled and purified as it is drawn up into the atmosphere by the warmth of the sun. The water coalesces from the minuscule droplets in the middle of rain clouds, where it freezes into ice crystals. Once one of these crystals grows heavy enough to fall, it melts during its descent to form a raindrop. The drop might be torn to smaller pieces by the capricious currents of air, or it might grow by collision as it merges with others until, finally, it lands on the roof of your garden shed."
The full track listing is:
1. One Night, Under a Brolly | Cumulonimbus calvus | Queensland, Australia
2. Walking on a Moor | Nimbostratus | Devon
3. A Wild, Windy Afternoon | Cumulonimbus capillatus | NSW, Australia
4. Beneath an Old Oak | Stratocumulus | London, UK
5. By a Log Cabin on a Hillside, When the Heavens Decide to Open | Cumulonimbus calvus | NSW, Australia
6. A Blackbird Enjoys a Spring Shower | Cumulus mediocris | London

Thanks to Annie Leymarie for the alert

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  1. I have bought one. The Audio sample was most attractive

  2. A wise move 30york. Perhaps they'll bring one out of the sun shining too?