Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's not exactly the French version of Shedworking, but for anybody who enjoys this site, I'll bet my bottom Euro that you'll spend several happy hours whizzing around Les Cabanes, Le site spécialiste des cabanes en France. It obviously helps if your French is up to scratch but even if you're still stumped by the gender of a kitchen there are many, many fabulous shedlike atmospheres and photos liberally scattered around the site. If you do know the gender of a garden, then head for the forums or the sections on the environment, books and DIY. Along the way you'll find treehouses, yurts, beach huts and naturally lots of cabins, huts and sheds. Best place to go first is the cabanes section where you'll find, for example, La gentilhommière du Bois Adam pictured above. An English version is under construction.
Thanks to Annie Leymarie for the alert.

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