Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shanty in the woods - Tiny House Blog

The Tiny House Blog is an absolute must for anybody interested in garden offices: though, as it says on the tin, Kent Griswold who runs the site concentrates on tiny houses, many of them have distinct shedlike tendencies. Here's a perfect recent example, pictured above, a shanty in North Carolina which follows on nicely from today's earlier post about living in your shed. Built by Jeff, it's a mere 64 square feet though they've managed to squeeze in a lavatory and a Queen size bed.


  1. Very pretty. Wish they would have put a slight porch or landing right outside the door. In general it's a bad thing to come out a door and start stepping down immediately.

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Oh so funny!!!
    While canoeing the New River last summer we stumbled upon this shack about 40 feet from the water! What this doesn't show is the rear with a corian counter and gas cook stove. You can just make out the roof on the back corner! Definetly first class structure!