Friday, July 18, 2008

Around the shedworld

Emma Townshend enjoys a rather special pool pavilion...Chief Home Officer is now very much on the Home Office Highway (pictured above)... Shedworld is on the hunt for a shed full of insects... The Daily Telegraph reports on what looks increasingly like a credit crunch in the beach hut market... The New York Times takes an intelligent and detailed look at the MOMA prefab exhibition which includes Wes Jones' Primitive Hut (below)The Birmingham Mail suggests you rush out and buy a garden office right now... Gardener's World blogger James Alexander-Sinclair picks out his favourite gardening-related blogs including Shedworking... Friend of Shedworking Chief Home Officer interviews Friend of Shedworking Neal Zimmerman as a home office pioneer... Kits and Mortar is getting excited about the prospect of hemp and lime infill...Weburbanist picks seven tip top beach houses including this stone shedworking construct at Castel Meur... please help to support Shedworking - which is closing in on its 1,000th subscriber - by clicking on the button below and making a small pledge

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  1. Thanks for your link, Alex. My family's having a ton of fun. Two weeks in, we have another week. I'm blogging today on Wi-fi from an RV park in Northern Virginia. I'm finding myself working and playing and (generally) balancing the two. It's not simple. It's a work in progress. But as I took a bit of heat this week in the Wall Street Journal ( ), it's better to have taken a 'workation' than not to have vacationed at all...