Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Shed - issue 15 available in lovely new format

The new issue of The Shed - number 15 - is now out. But times have changed and The Shed has changed with them. No longer simply available as a pdf, it is now a fully online e-mag (though there are one or two things to sort out before the next issue emerges) which you can read by simply clicking here. Navigation is pretty easy - click on a page to bring it into focus, click to the side of a page to move pages, or on the corner. If you have any problems, do contact me and I'll sort it all out.

It's a great issue too with writer Clare Dudman featuring in the My Shed slot, Sarah Salway continuing her shed serial, Felix Bennett's marvellous View From A Shed and a new slot featuring readers' shed stories. You can read it online, download it as a pdf, and email a friend directly from the site to tell them all about it. Happy reading!

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