Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scottish sheds

Elspeth Thompson has recently been holidaying in Scotland and writes:
"I saw quite a few nifty sheds including some sweet little sheds built right on the beach at Applecross with little decks for watching the sunset - not beach huts, real kit sheds - very sweet and one or two very nicely done."


  1. I was about to post the same thing having not long returned from Applecross. Well done Elspeth.
    Max Penfold

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  3. S.Towers12:03 AM

    I just came across your site. Lovely! We are building a small garden cottage in our back yard that will initially serve as a big playhouse for our two daughters, but will also have two full sized bunks in it that will be able to sleep guests (during the summer we host large numbers of family members coming from out of town). I am a stained glass artisan, and I've made stained glass windows for it, and it will be a lovely garden cottage. I intend to go out there and knit and/or read on a regular basis. Our neighbours think we are nuts to have such a fancy "shed". They need to expand their thinking!