Wednesday, July 09, 2008

National Shed Week: The Nuts Shed Report

Lads mag Nuts - a publication which may have escaped the attention of Shedworking's readers - has put together a special tribute to sheds for National Shed Week (pictured below are England cricketer Ravi Bopara and Nuts Girl Imogen at the launch in London). Their research reveals that:
* Over a third of 18-25-year-olds want their own shed
* 33% of men think having a shed is a positive influence on their relationship (as do 19% of women)
* 40% of respondents believe a good shed is an important factor when buying a house
* the recommended amount of 'Shed Time’ from shed owners is 3½ hrs a month
More details and pictures at Shedblog.


  1. This post has confirmed to me that the average reader of this blog are all very strange shed workers – I can believe not one has been able to pass a witty of even just a puerile comment on this type of picture…. Very sad.

    To help things along here is a puerile comment.

    “Phwoar – look at the barge boards on that!”

    Or, all the readers are all very academic, and will only get this in Latin

    “Phwoar – aspecto ac baris contabulo ab adeo”

  2. Yes, very restrained. There are some other photos with her holding a drill that might have brought more comments...

    Or maybe
    inviso barge tabula in ut'?

  3. I bow to your better education - my 'bog standard' comprehensive didn’t stretch to Latin - it barely managed inglish.