Thursday, July 17, 2008

New garden office calendar

Adam Morris in The Scotsman reports that Leith is promoting local allotment gardening and green activities through a range of merchandise including mugs, t-shirts and now a calendar for 2009 featuring sheds used as workshops, hutches and indeed garden offices. Alastair Tibbitt, chairman of Greener Leith and a shed owner, is quoted as saying:
"There are some interesting-looking sheds across the area that are used for all sorts of things. I've always been interested in sheds and what people do in them. This is a way of bringing that together."
The calendars will go on sale in local shops and on the Greener Leith website later this year. Anyone with pictures of sheds in the Leith area should send them to
Pictured above is an allotment shed in Leith, part of a Flickr set by Phoebe Salter.

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