Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shortlist announced for Shed of the Year 2008

The votes are in and I'm very pleased to say that among the category winners (full details below) are several shedworking sheds as well as the actual garden office winner, Toolie's shed in Banbury, pictured above. For example, here is Dave's shedAnd below is Verity Worthington's Green Gables, a lovely writing shed.But there are many marvellous finalists and I'd urge you to click below and have a look. I hope your favourites are there but if not please leave a comment below and say which sheds you feel should have made it through to the final. Now the judges start their deliberations to choose the shed of sheds to be announced on Tuesday...

1) Normal: Beatrice
2) Garden Office: Toolie's shed
3) Cabin: Bunny House
4) Workshop: Sarah's Craft Shed & My Workshop
5) Unique: Gar-Den
6) Summerhouse: iamnotashed
7) Pub shed: the rugby pub
8) Studio: Dave's Shed
9) Tardis: Type 40 shed
10) Hut: The Plot Thickens
11) Wooden: Green Gables
12) Other: Esther Montgomery's Shed


  1. Too bad yours didn't make it Alex. I've put a shout out for my 2 other votes who did make it, Simon (The Plot Thickens) and Esther Montgomery over at Veg Plotting today.

  2. Oh and a shout out for your week of polls too :)

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