Friday, July 18, 2008

Shedworkers beat the credit crunch

According to Broadband comparison site Top 10 Broadband, UK homeworkers who use broadband (that's quite a lot of us) will be pleased to hear that Broadband is the only household utility bill to buck the trend of rising household bills."Broadband bills have plummeted by over 60% in the past 18 months while gas and electricity have risen by 15% and are set to rise further by the end of the year” said spokesperson for Top 10 Broadband Jessica McArdle. She points out that if you signed an 18 month contract in January 2007, the average deal would have cost £13.73 a month but if you were to switch from this package now you would be looking at offers starting at just £3.25 a month. She continues:
“As well as cheap home broadband, another alternative and potential cost saving for some households is mobile broadband which despite being more expensive per Gb of download, may work out cheaper than home broadband as it removes the need to have BT line rental at home. Starting at just £10 a month it ticks all the boxes during this credit crunch. The saving of £131 a year in landline charges makes this a particularly enticing prospect as belts tighten. Mobile broadband was once considered a luxury to supplement one’s broadband use outside of the house. However, like home broadband, mobile broadband prices have dropped dramatically in 2008, its speeds have risen and its download allowances have become more encompassing."
San Sharma has a good piece on this subject at Enterprise Nation.

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  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Alternatively there is of course Virgin Media Broadband that does not require BT Line rental when in a cabled area (55% of the country).

    Currently have an offer of £9 per month for there slowest package (2Mb)and £26 per month for their 20Mb service.

    Mobile broadband doesn't provide a stable enough connection for me and when a few of us in the street use it the speed drops significantly.