Friday, July 11, 2008

National Shed Week: Shedworking Status Poll

Today's is the final poll in National Shed Week but as it's an important question I'm keeping it open for a whole week rather than just a day (final results of the other polls tomorrow). All week I've been trying to build up a picture of Shedworking's readership, your likes and dislikes, and today we ask the biggest question of all: are you a shedworker? Or are you hoping to be one? Or, sadly, do you feel it's not something for you? Or is your shed interest more general than working from a garden office? Answers please via the top of the right hand column and please do leave any thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Are you planning on publishing all the results?

    Also out of interest (I love stats!!!) how many readers do you regularly get?

    One last question. I am not a shed worker and have difficulty imagining what works you can do form a shed (assuming the garden variety and not an industrial monolith). I can see self employed accountants and as in your case journalists - but beyond this I am struggling - are all shed workers in industries that are of the 'paper shuffling' type or is there any manufacture going on here.

    I have no reason to ask this other than pure interest by someone who wished he could do his job from home....

  2. Yes, I'll publish them all tomorrow (Saturday).

    Shedworking averages about 2,000 hits a day, around 1,000 uniques. There are around 900 subscribers by RSS feed and email. That's not counting the satellite site Bookshelf which has more like half those numbers. All these stats are increasing.

    I'm sure there is plenty of'traditional' shedworking going on out there but the boom over the last few years has been in the industries you mention (design, journalism, writing, painting/sculpture, accountancy) and increasingly used not as a full-time home office but somewhere to work one or two days a week away from the main office.

    Sadly, as you say, not everybody can operate from home, but it's surprising how much you can do say one day a week in a garden office, even in the most unpromising situations.

  3. I bow to your better education - my 'bog standard' comprehensive didn’t stretch to Latin - it barely managed Inglish.

  4. oops - comment posted to wrong article - sorry.

    For others reading this - you will just have to guess what that was all about!!!