Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recycled shed

We're having a bit of a green week here on Shedworking: Ian Hall from Winnipeg contacted Shedworking with some details of his marvellous shedworking atmosphere which he says is his place to "pot, putter and ponder". He continues:
"It was built with board and batten construction, using reclaimed lumber that formerly finished my basement. Everything else was found or reclaimed (most of it gathered by bicycle) with the exception of coroplast roof sheets and pressure-treated floor joists. The ornate wooden vent above the door had a former life as the grille over a P.A. speaker."
It gets the official Shedworking Thumbs Up.


  1. The design of this shed is inviting. Nice work. Recycled materials a plus.

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM

    He's moved & is building another one - on Vancouver Island.