Tuesday, July 08, 2008

NEWSFLASH: National Shed Week on Radio 2

If you're near a radio at about 5.25pm today then tune it to Chris Evan's show on Radio 2 as Uncle Wilco from readersheds.co.uk and Organiser in Chief of National Shed Week and Shed of the Year will be chatting about sheds and Shed Week.

UPDATE: An excellent interview with mentions for The Shed magazine and Shedworking as well as Chris Evans promising to be a judge for next year's Shed of the Year. If you missed it, use the BBC's Listen Again service to catch up.


  1. Iam glad it was not just me who heard him say he would be judge!

    right I need a pint, now is there any sheds I know with bars ;)

  2. nice job uncle!

    heard a blurb on one of the early morning R2 shows on Monday too. Either Pete Mitchell or Sarah Kennedy. Shedweek hittin' the big time!