Monday, July 14, 2008

Living in a micro compact home

We've covered Richard Horden's m-ch elsewhere on the site several times since it seems to us to be the future of shedworking and with its appearance at MOMA later this month coverage of its advantages is on the up. Hannah Booth in The Guardian (which this weekend had a glut of stories on sheds and yet no mention of National Shed Week) covers similar descriptive ground but her piece stands out because she actually talks to somebody who lives in a m-ch in Munich, architecture student Matthias Franz, who was in student digs before moving into his m-ch in April. Here's an excerpt:
"It's better quality living," he says. "I have my own kitchen, I can hear the birds singing, and I can sit out. It's sociable - I have barbecues with my neighbours." And rent is €150 a month - half what he paid before. Is there anything he misses? "Some proper hanging space, and a shoe rack - my trainers sit under the toilet. But I had 22 people round for a party once." Franz cooks "noodles, salads, nothing complicated" in the evening. Such compact living isn't for everyone, he says. "You have to be neat, tidy, pretty organised - and open to new experiences."
Booth adds that the Irwell Valley Housing Association is building six m-chs in Manchester to provide temporary accommodation for key workers.


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