Thursday, July 10, 2008

National Shed Week: Tatton Park Tower

Construction work has got underway during National Shed Week on artist Nicky Coutts’ A Tower in the Minds of Others at Tatton Park as part of its Biennial celebrations. Taking shape near the Japanese Garden is a series of stacked English garden sheds, which collectively resemble a Japanese pagoda - the final structure will eventually be 6m high and will be officially launched on July 19. The Tower is one of six semi-permanent commissions created for Tatton Park Biennial during Cheshire’s Year of Gardens ’08. Plans and proposals for the Tower, below, courtesy Capstone Consulting Engineers Ltd.Thanks to Nikki Spencer for the alert.

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  1. I could be wrong but the top level appears to be a privy. Oh' wait, that is the cut out for the stairway.

    Never mind.

    tom o.
    an attorney in Chicago, Illinois who is used to feeling like he is on the first floor of a two story privy (out-house)