Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

We're fully into Flower Show season now and there are several interesting shedlike structures, though no specific shedworking ones, at theHampton Court Palace Flower Show. Above is The Homebase Room with a View inspired by the Ionic Temple at Rievaulx Terrace in North Yorkshire. The main structure could be used for fair weather shedworking and also has a rather nice green roof. Below is the Papillon Pavilion designed by Andrew Marson which features a lovely pavilion which man and butterfly can happily share.
Holiday Inn's "The Green Room" says it is
"designed to demonstrate ways to improve your living space and make the most of your surroundings by literally bringing the outdoors inside. Visitors will be taken on a journey to discover and explore a transitional space that can be partitioned to provide a comfortable safe haven for a good night’s sleep, but can also be opened up to provide an inspirational space to entertain and enjoy nature."
I like it.Below is The National Year of Reading Garden, which has rendered straw bale walls and what look like some nice sheddish structures in two corners. The World of Water Garden naturally features lots of water as well as a timber building.And finally, the two most shedworkinglike in the whole show. First, Domoney Ltd's The Croft Spot Secret Garden which includes an appealing summerhouse. And finally, the pick of the show, Burgbad Bathrooms' The Burgbad Sanctuary which is
"inspired by the tranquil temple grounds typical of South East Asia, this seductive spa garden is designed to provide an unashamedly escapist retreat for those living in less idyllic climes. Amid fern fronds and rare orchids, a lushly-planted bathing pavilion creates a year-round refuge, in a space that appears open to the sky. Following the principles of the emerging South East Asian gardening style, the design juxtaposes exuberant swathes of jungle planting with hefty blocks of angular landscaping, in an attempt to capture the serenity of the region’s ancient temples."
The show runs 8 – 13 July, first two days RHS members only. If eagle-eyed readers spot any more, please let me know.


  1. Such a great concept!
    Nice job on your blog.

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  3. The "pre-show" renderings of displays are interesting. Here in the U.S., designs for garden shows are typically "kept under wraps" until the show opens.

    Best Regards.....Bill Kratz

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    lovely designs!

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