Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The greened office is coming along nicely

Another update on Mary's marvellous home made garden office now that work has restarted after her globetrotting. She's been tightening up her chicken wire, checking on her bale walls and is looking forward to some plastering. It's certainly taking shape very nicely indeed. As she says:
"And while my office looks like a cave at the moment, I was able to work out there in 95 degree heat (@ 36 Celsius). My poplar tree, that I didn't want to cut down last year is very happy and providing great shade and beautiful color over the office deck."


  1. Okay, this is my chance to complain about one of my blog pet peeves (I know, I know this is off-topic as far as shedworking goes). Because of Alex's mention (and because I'm trying to nail down what "green" actually means to people), I visited Mary's blog. Her masthead says: "See the introduction to see what this is really all about." And where is the introduction. Who knows? There is absolutely no indication of how to navigate to the introduction. Blogs are mostly presented in a stream-of-consciousness style; it's almost always too difficult to follow the threads that tie thoughts together.

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now....Bill Kratz

  2. Hi Bill!

    Thanks for the acute observation! I actually hadn't noticed that, but I will take steps to remedy on my own web page. (Cited above)

    I really get what you are saying, in that I read someone's blog a while back from back to front, and it was difficult... but I had not thought about my own blog.

    Sir, I shall take steps to fix this!

    Thanks for reading!!

    Additional comments always welcome!

    Mary (of Mary's Greened House)

  3. The greened office looks truly unique! I can't wait to see the finished product!
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