Monday, October 06, 2008

Shedworking - the twitter feeds

Free microblogging/social networking site twitter is growing in popularity and for those who work in shedlike atmospheres it is well worth signing up - you can 'follow' what other people are saying and other people 'follow' you, a little like Facebook. Naturally, Shedworking has a presence and our address is @shedworking if you want to follow. Other friends of Shedworking who talk about home offices/homeworking you might like to follow include:
Grant Griffiths @Grant Griffiths
Jeff Zbar @jeffzbar
Alex Bellinger @alexbellinger
Emma Jones @emmaljones
Debra Prinzing @dkprinzing
Uncle Wilco @unclewilco
Greg La Vardera @lavardera
Kits and Mortar @kitsandmortar

If you are on twitter and write about shedworkinglike subjects, please drop me a note/leave a comment and I'll add you onto this list.


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