Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shedworker? Teleworker? Homeworker? Telecommuter?

Just what are we/you? Headset specialist Plantronics points out that the term telecommuter was first coined when Elvis was wearing jumpsuits so maybe it's time for a new term. As they put it: "It’s time to stop “kickin’ it old school” and come up with a term that really reflects today’s always-connected-but-not-always-in-the-office worker." And to that end, they're running a competition for you to give whatever we/you are a new name and win a big box of Plantronic goodies. Click on the link above to go to the online entry form.


  1. NIWW - Not in work worker is my entry...

    i will get my coat...

  2. Only open to Yanks unfortunately.

  3. Yes, a pity it's restricted but we do welcome a lot of Americans on Shedworking so I'm sure it's something they'll be keen to take part in (I always think that 'shedworker' is a good one for those of you who haven't submitted yet...)