Monday, October 27, 2008

Lindisfarne Castle Ticket Hut

The Wood Awards describe themselves as "the UK’s premier architecture and furniture competition celebrating excellence in design in the world’s most sustainable material" and to their credit they have a special Best Small Project category. This year's winner was the Lindisfarne Castle Ticket Hut built with French Oak for the National Trust and designed by architects Simpson & Brown. Here's how the judges describe it:
"The result is a wedge-shaped building with a sculptural black ‘crinkly tin’ roof which dips towards the rear as the plan form widens. The building is framed in timber and clad with untreated oak boards, graduated in size, which unfurl to create louvred screens over the windows. The large outer door swivels on a central pivot. When closed it provides security and shelter to the exposed lobby area; when open it engages with the distinctive riven oak fencing, inviting visitors into the hut on one side as they approach, and directing them towards the Castle on the other side once they have purchased their tickets. The interior is simple, workmanlike and unpretentious. The wall claddings and fittings are in oak and the roof purlins are left exposed."
The hut is close to the famous upturned boatsheds featured at Juliet Doyle's Musings From A Muddy Island which has an excellent gallery of photos of the sheds (including these pictured below) plus useful links to relevant news stories.


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