Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Falling property prices = more garden offices

Home owners can’t afford to move house, so are investing in their gardens, according to a press release from Booth Garden Offices. Alex Booth says: "“Falling property prices are forcing home owners to think out of the box, the Garden Office Box. With the state of the property market, if you buy a bigger property, you could see its value plummet in a matter of months." He continues:
"We are crazy busy at the moment. Especially in London where there are lots of properties with difficult access to their back gardens. Our 'City Space' models can be taken through a house or flat, avoiding the cost of craning which is very expensive. Plus, they are designed so that they can be moved, so if you do eventually move house, you can take it with you.”
Booths Garden Studios will be at The Grand Designs Show on October 10-12 at the NEC in Birmingham.

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  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    OMG, how prescient! Alex, let's keep the message alive about the benefits of shedworking, shedliving, shedentertaining, shedrelaxing, all those verbs.debra