Monday, October 20, 2008

Mobile shedworking: The Royal Family

Shedworking has featured plenty of mobile shedworking possibilities and among those who enjoy some third place working on the move are members of the Royal Family. According to a detailed report in the Daily Mail, Prince Philip uses it as a mobile office as does The Queen herself and Prince Charles has a particularly elegant desk. Here's what Brian Hoey in the Mail says:
"The sitting room has a sofa with hand-stitched velvet cushions, armchairs and the small dining table where the Queen and Prince Philip have breakfast. The table can be extended to seat six people. There is also a desk in one corner where Her Majesty works on her official papers. Even on the Royal Train, after a full day's engagements, she spends an hour or two working on her 'boxes'. These are the red cases that go with her wherever she is in the world, containing official documents from Government departments, both in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, that have to be read and initialled."
Naturally, officials of the Royal Household work on board too.


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