Friday, October 31, 2008

Aarco - new web site and planning permission

I was a little sniffy about Aarco's web site when I mentioned them last, but it's had a nice wash and brush up and is looking rather smart now and is well worth a browse (above is an example of one of their own projects based on Lugarde kits).

Richard from Aarco is also concerned that the new planning rules are being misinterpreted regarding the height and proximity to the boundary. He writes:
"I am challenging this with the government to gain clarification that the 1m from boundary rule vs height means:
The height of the building must not exceed 2.5m within 2m of the boundary. This means that most dual pitched roof home office buildings 15-30 sqm will be ok 1m from the boundary where the eaves are parallel to the boundary at 1m.

"The problem, with the new legislation if misinterpreted will mean that conventional dual pitch home offices will end up right in the middle of an urban garden and this is not what was intended or indeed what the clients want. I believe it is simply an adjustment to the wording that is required."

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