Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Swanky shed - Dreamtime Film

There's an excellent interview on Enterprise Nation with film producer Tom Lloyd of Dreamtime Film. Tom works out of what he calls his "swanky shed" in Windermere (pictured) and his relocation story of moving from London to Windermere is an inspiration to all shedworkers:
"It was a very conscious decision to leave the rat race of London and look for a different quality of life. Having left London, another door opened in Cumbria when I inherited some land and a herd of semi-feral Fell ponies... the digital revolution came at a good time for me and the reality was that I could now be doing on a laptop in my shed what was only a few years earlier costing £600 an hour in a post production facility. With the arrival of my daughter, moving my workplace from the kitchen table to a shed in the garden was an obvious choice."
Tom's only shedworking problem has been finding insurance cover for his equipment but now uses the increasingly popular route of using a shipping container as storage. He continues:
"I do find myself slipping into the shed to do late night changes to edits, and can find myself making changes to pitches or treatments late at night, but that can also be a very positive thing, being able to access my work at all hours. Also on a positive note, clients are always keen to get out of their office and come to me to view rough edits."
The full article is well worth a browse.

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