Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Shedworking is more productive, study reveals

A new study by CompTIA underlines that shedworking, homeworking, telecommuting or whatever you like to call it is simply more productive than 'traditional' office working. Grant Griffiths at Home Office Warrior breaks down the findings nicely:
# 67 per cent of the companies polled said employees were more productive, largely because they spent less time getting to and from work
# 59 per cent reported seeing cost savings from reduced use of office-related materials and resources
# 39 per cent said they have access to a more qualified staff, expanding their options to people who are located in - and not willing to relocate from - other regions. Likewise, 37 per cent said telecommuting improved employee retention
# 25 per cent said employee health was improved, largely by reducing stress levels associated with the commute
# Other benefits included promotion of safety through reduced highway use (18 per cent) and environmental benefits (17 per cent)

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  1. the productivity gain is due to the saved commute time? rather than the lack of endless nattering, office bitching, crying in the toilets because someone stole your last coke, fancying the new guy, facebooking the person sitting next to you, etc etc etc etc ?