Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a nice day for a white wedding (shed)

It's the best start to married life, a reception in a shed. As reported in the Norwich Evening News Tristan Scott - a director at the family's shed-making firm - had secretly been building a special white 'wedding shed' furnished with sofa, flowers and champagne (and heart shapes on the shutters. What a sweetie) to surprise his bride Sara after their wedding in Horsford. It was a difficult surprise to keep quiet as the Evening News explains:
"Keeping the shed secret from Sara proved especially difficult for the Scott family, as she works with Tristan's mother in the office of the Horsford workshops. Tristan said he had to pretend he was clearing the decks before the honeymoon when he sneaked off to make the shed on Sunday mornings over the past month."
Photo by Bill Smith.
Via Shedblog

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