Friday, October 31, 2008

Around the shedworld

Lowri Turner appears not to be a fan of sheds... Shedblog likes this caravan/shed (above) from the Just Sheds flickr group...Shed Style has been promoting Stylish Sheds on television (see below)... Kent at Tiny House Blog has been working on an interesting Tortoise Shell project (below)...Alyssa Gregory at Home Office Warrior looks back on five years as a homeworker... Father of Shedworking Henry David Thoreau is celebrated as a climatologist at Treehugger... Chief Home Officer has been cruiseworking... Enterprise Nation discusses the delights of virtual offices... workalicious has high hopes of the new Malcolm Gladwell book... archinect celebrates the small... Miko Coffey at Kits and Mortar looks at natural floor coverings... Musings from a Muddy Island continues to bring us lovely beach huts... GreenBiz considers telecommuting and the green office of the future... there are plenty of sheds and links at Gardening Gone Wild...

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