Friday, October 24, 2008

Around the shedworld

The New York Times suggests six ways to thrive as a shedworker in an economic downturn... Shedblog has been watching television programmes about sheds and planning permission... and featuring John Kingston's marvellous crystal garden office (above)... Treehugger points out that working from home makes more sense than ever... The Guardian wonders if there's poetry in architecture... CNN looks at what it's like to live in a house the size of a garden office...... the BBC say the world's shortest physics lectures will be delivered in a shed... Home Office Warrior offers some tips on successful homeworking... The Daily Mail talks to a lady who lives in a steel shed because the outside world is so awful... Chief Home Officer has not only voted, he's tidied his shelves... friend of Shedworking Elspeth Thompson has a lovely new book out which we urge you to buy...

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