Thursday, October 23, 2008

H2Office - the floating home office

After various posts earlier in the month about the theoretical side of a floating office, Shedworking is very excited indeed to see that it's becoming a reality thanks to Cardiff-based H2Offices part of industrial design and marketing company WaterSpace Developments. Here's what owner Andrew Master says about it:
"Many new products come about because the inventor can't find anyone else making what he/she wants. So it was for our "floating offices" concept. I wanted a small workspace in the local area to use as a base for my business projects. After scouring the market all I could find were boring, depressing "concrete prisons"! Some of the landlords wanted me to sign long leases. Some would allow a shorter lease but the rents quoted were high."
The answer, especially for those who like boats, is the H2Office (see early concept sketch above), a "purposebuilt workspace for aquatic environments". As Andrew says: "If you're lucky enough to have flexible working arrangements a floating office could considerably enhance your working life."

The first model, which should be available in 2009, is set to look like this:
* a compact design giving enough space for one or two people to work in
* a "private" working area not overlooked by neighbours
* a "breakout" area for small meetings and meals
* a sun deck
* kitchenette
* marine toilet, shower & wet room
* foldaway bunks for occasional overnight stays
* plenty of storage space
* small tender "dock"/bathing platform (for an inflatable / kayak etc)
* dimensions suitable to be berthed on a standard marina (or similar) berth

Andrew is also compiling a list of locations where the site owner/manager would be happy to let you moor your H2Office.

There's also a just started up blog to keep an eye on.

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