Monday, October 13, 2008

Tonke Campers: sheds on wheels?

The rather splendid Tonke Campers - RVs with a bit of a shepherd's hut vibe going on - come from Holland and while not exactly sheds on wheels, look so lovely that you may well be tempted to try them out for some on the road shedworking. These beauties, which come in several models and sizes, are all handmade and inspired by gypsy caravans and yachts.They feature teak floors, porcelain sinks, built-in showers and eco-friendly lavatory. And as an article on Squob about them points out:
"And then, when you get home, you can take the camper unit off the van chassis in 15 minutes. You can put the Tonke’s living area to good use all year round, as a self-contained guest room or office."
Via materialicious and Squob, "the only RV website focusing on good design"


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  1. Nice! Have shed - will travel.

  2. Anonymous2:42 AM

    It's so old-fashioned! I like it!