Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shepherds' hut maker celebrates 100th birthday

Shepherds' hut maker John Judd, head carpenter for the Coombe Bissett-based Farris family, has celebrated his 100th birthday, according to Annie Riddle in the Salisbury Journal. She writes:
"The shepherds’ huts he made were their living quarters when they were out on the downs during lambing. They were equipped with feeding buckets and bottles and a stove, and the orphan lambs were kept in the warm by the stove. Making agricultural implements was a reserved occupation in the war, and Mr Judd served in the Home Guard. “On Sundays we used to have to go up to the camp at Bulford for training and drills,” he recalled. “We had to march from the barracks up to the rifle ranges.”"
Pictured below is a Farris hut as featured by Thurgarton Ironworks.Thanks to Tim Baber for the alert