Sunday, October 12, 2008

(Another) Shepherd's Hut for sale

Shedworking is pleased to bring you news of another shepherd's hut up for sale - the last one we featured earlier in the summer received a lot of attention so I'm expecting this one will be popular too. It's being sold by Plankbridge and came from a downland farm close to Andover. Here's what Plankbridge's hut expert Richard Lee has to say about it:
"It was used there by several shepherds, then two gamekeepers. It has some particularly nice features such as the genuine wheels and a 'hay rake' shaped forged bar between front and back axles. The oak axle beams are sound, apart from the usual bad rot at the end of the stub axles - this needs repairing. The floor joists are solid, and some floor boards need replacing. Unusually the original draw bar is still there, and the corrugated cladding is the original thick old stuff. The roof has some holes, which could be patched rather than replaced. As might be expected there is a significant amount of restoration to do, but it is about as genuine an old hut as can be found these days."
Although Richard enjoys restoring old shepherds' huts, he has promised Shedworking that he could be persuaded to sell it to someone who promises to do a sympathetic restoration job on it. For more details please do email him at .


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I wonder: is this blog for shed builders or for shed buyers? Please explain. Thank you...

  2. Dmitri, it's for both - plus those who just have an interest in small shedlike structures. It's really aimed at those who work from garden offices but we spread the net wide and welcome everybody who is interested.

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    hi, Im interested in buy some small shedlike structures, I hope you can give some information, Im in Monterrey, and I want to see some options, may be you can send me some photos or something as a guide.