Monday, October 06, 2008

Deborah Carr - Shedworker

As we mentioned last month, Shedworking is aiming to profile more shedworkers and their work - pictured above is Deborah Carr's shed where she writes novels. As she says:
"I can't believe that this time last week I was sunbathing in the garden, although to be honest the gale force winds and constant rain that we're experiencing today is the best weather to keep me inside the shed and doing what I really need to be doing, writing something... I am one of those shed-dwellers and I can see why this does appear a little strange but I find that once I go into my shed, I'm in my own little world and also the rest of the family know not to interrupt me unless they have to."


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  1. nice shed, maybe debs can share her shed?

  2. Hello there, I've just come back in from the shed and found this through Google Alert.

    Glad that you like the shed. It's fun to be amongst other like minded dwellers. Mind you I rather like the idea of the igloos shown on a previous post.

    The shed is rather too small for sharing and it doesn't help that its packed full of books, notepads and reams of paper.

  3. i'd like to peek inside

  4. Debs >> I mean share it on not, move the books so we can come round to visit for some tea, which would be nice as well!!