Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Plot Thickens

There's an interesting new blog called The Plot Thickens which has this marvellous picture of Jeremy Bentham. As the author Simon points out, Bentham founded the philosophy of utilitarianism which says that what matters is not that your shed is useful, but that it makes you happy. Check back to the site for updates and photos of Simon's shedbuild which will feature pallets and packing cases. He is obviously very keen on his shed and writes:
"But the shed is now under threat. There are often regulations about size, height, materials, colour and siting with the local council required to grant permission like you were asking for planning permission for a nuclear waste reprocessing plant. Sometimes shed aren’t allowed at all, though tenants might just be able to rent a concrete locker in a central compound. It’s not just somewhere to put your saved runner bean seeds and sit for a nip of whisky before Sunday lunch, an allotment shed is about being English in all it’s multicultural shapes and sizes, an unwritten understanding that you can do your own thing if it isn’t offending anyone else."

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