Saturday, November 03, 2007

Under the Thatch scoops Guardian ethical award

Congratulations to Under the Thatch which has won The Guardian's ethical award for travel 2007 and which has several gypsy caravans and showman's wagons among its accommodation choices. Here's what Richard Hammond, one of the judges who stayed in a gypsy caravan in south-west Ceredigion, said about the operator and the caravan:
"Inside, it's barely 6ft by 6ft. There's a small wood stove, several minuscule cupboards, and a double bed on a raised platform...The caravan is a "bow-top", with a roof like a barrel. To be precise, it's a Romany caravan or "vargo", built in 1924 and last used by travellers in the 70s...Like all Under the Thatch's properties, the caravan is run as a low impact, eco-friendly concern - there are compost and recycling facilities and local wood for the fire. The cottages were restored using lime rather than cement, oil-based paint and sheep's wool insulation; some have solar panels, others reed-bed sewage systems, wood-chip boilers and recycled furnishings."

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