Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Booth's 100th garden office

Congratulations to Northants-based Booths Garden Studios who have just celebrated the sale of their 100th garden office (it will be built in early December in Southampton). Designer and owner Alex Booth says his original goal was to sell the offices at a rate of one per month but at present the company is putting up two garden offices per week.

"The quantity of sales in the past year marks a very large achievement for the small company," says Alex, who has been fine tuning the designs over the last five years while also running a building company. "With an ever increasing market comes very strong competition. We offer great value for money and we do not take any deposits. The office is only paid for once installation is complete and the customer is completely satisfied. Our unique design allows our offices to be erected in a day and on uneven ground - no preparation is needed prior to our team installing the office. This saves our customers both time and money."

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