Monday, November 05, 2007

Home Office Politics

A very nice opinion piece which looks at the political dimension of the whole home office trend in the US in The New York Times by Matt Bai who says:
"After all, why shouldn’t more middle-class workers whose jobs can now be done remotely have the option to structure their own hours and still enjoy the security of a safety net? Why shouldn’t data-entry clerks and graphic designers and actuaries and reservations agents — anyone who spends his days staring at a terminal in some sterile environment straight out of “Office Space” — be able to work in shorts and spend more time around the kids? According to Penn, stay-at-home workers actually log more hours than their counterparts in offices but report far higher rates of job satisfaction. The age of broadband means we might reasonably imagine a day when the American workplace of “face time” and endless polluting commutes fades slowly into the past, replaced by a society where vastly more workers get control over their daily lives."
Well worth a browse.


  1. out of this article

    is it still shed?

  2. No, I wouldn't say this was a shed (although the photo has shedlike tendencies) but it falls within the compass of shedlike atmospheres.