Monday, November 05, 2007

materialicious week - weehouse

There are very few sites on the interweb which focus exclusively on sheds and shedworking atmospheres. However there are several which show plenty of interest in smallish structures. One of our favourites is materialicious run by Justin Anthony. It features residential architecture, design, craftsmanship, materials and products and very frequently includes details of smaller builds. So every day this week I'm going to feature one of materialicious' posts and encourage readers to go and have a good browse around the site. Today is a shedlike atmosphere called 'weeHouse' (pictured above). Here's what Justin has to say about it:
"I love the weehouse. This isn’t a residence, though - originally the owners wanted to build a fort for their grandkids, but instead opted for a backyard structure that everyone, adults and kids alike, could enjoy year ’round. This sure fits the bill."
More about the weehouse from Alchemy Architects.

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