Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jabba the Hut video

Regular readers will know that Shedworking has been closely following the Bathing Beauties project of splendid new beach hut designs on the Lincolnshire coast this year. Above is a time lapse video of the Jabba the Hut design being built and there is a longer slideshow here.
Four of the designs are now permanently installed (Come Up And See Me by Michael Trainor, a two-storey hut based on a giant gin and tonic; Eyes Wide sHut by Feix and Merlin, a glamorous 'picture frame' hut; Jabba by i-am associates, the world's first contemporary cave; and Halcyon Hut by Atelier NU which pays homage to the traditional beach hut form) and you can now try and book them for around £25 daily. Contact Bob Suich at East Lindsey District Council on 01507 601111 for further information.


  1. Good to hear the Halcyon Hut is now available, it was not built for the festival weekend and it looked the most economical to me. This Jabba hut used something like 120 sheets of plywood in its construction and the budget of £20,000 must have had no fat to cut for any commercial versions.
    But of those built on the day this jabba the hut was by far the most endearing. It looked like it might be the most enduring too. see and click on latest news then blog then Mablethorpe on Sea for my own take on the Mablethorpe Festival of Beach Huts if you like.

  2. Tim, that's a great piece on the festival. I do like Jabba but there are so many interesting designs here - I do hope it will rejuvenate interest in beach huts, not least in their design. I'm also glad the rents are so low when the prices of huts across the country are at such high levels.

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