Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Box of Delights - lawnmower shelter

A lovely design from Accrington-based Altham Oak and Carpentry which while not strictly a shedworking atmosphere (it currently houses a mower, croquet kit and other gardening odds and ends), could easily be rejigged to provide a lovely garden office. They describe the appearance as 'a Door with a Halo' and a 'Work of Art' rather than a shed. The sedum green roof is circular and shaped so that water drains off through a channel and short wooden spout.Altham's green credentials are impressive: the business was started to encourage the use of underused timber in the UK to combat the destruction of virgin forests abroad. They also claim to pay a better price to foresters for relatively unwanted parts or their harvest to encourage sustainable management of British oak plantations. Through local conservation groups and customers, Altham aims to sponsor the planting of 10 new trees for every one they process.

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